Guest Comments

12 January 2021: Thank you for showing us the best of Sint Martin and St. Barth’s – true paradise and an escape from the world’s problems and COVID concerns

“Where do we begin in thanking you for a most memorable trip. Feels like we’ve gained three new family members! From the amazing meals, to the beautiful table settings , and the smooth sailing; every detail was executed with perfection! It was such a fabulous trip!!!

Thank you for showing us the best of Sint Martin and St. Barth’s – true paradise and an escape from the world’s problems and COVID concerns. Our floating safe bubble was the perfect escape we needed.

The locations were wonderful but the true highlight was the crew! We love you Shane, Erin and Rowan! Your warm hospitality and exemplary service was so appreciated! Thanks so much to each of you for making “moments to remember!” Each of you with your unique personalities & outstanding talents contributed to the ambience.

Seahome was totally another home for us! The food, the scenery, the drinks, the fun… who could ask for more. So many amazing memories!

Come visit us in Texas! Love you Seahomies all so much!”

3 January 2021: The food, your vibe, your drinks and your recommendations in St Barth’s made this trip for us unforgettable!

“Many thanks for your hospitality! It was a great family week. The food, your vibe, your drinks and your recommendations in St Barth’s made this trip for us unforgettable!

We have never had a crew with such a positive attitude, always smiling and willing to help! Thank you very much for being a fantastic crew. You have been so nice & professional with us.

God bless you all and all the best for you guys in 2021 and hope to see you soon!!

21 December 2020: Thank you for another unforgettable trip

“2nd time on Seahome this year and feelin’ all the gratitude. We had an amazing trip!

Sad to leave but hope to see you all again!

Thank you for another unforgettable trip!

Love y’all”

19 November 2020: You guys made a once in a lifetime trip happen for all of us

“Many thanks for a wonderful trip and for helping us build great memories!

You guys made a once in a lifetime trip happen for all of us. We’ll never forget!

Your hospitality was so special. We could not have asked for a better crew. You guys ROCK!

Hope to see you again soon!

May your glass continue to be full of love.”

7 November 2020: Love all of the upgrades…

“Seahome 3.0 is kicking some serious ass!

You guys are the best!

Thank you for the outstanding hospitality and for such an incredible trip.

We had such a memorable and amazing time on Seahome!

Love all of the upgrades…”

27-3 October, 2018-You have now set the bar at a new level for us! This was the ultimate “Now Worries” experience
Jayde, Ana, Brand,

Hope ‘Ya’ll” are all having a great week. 22 degrees here this morning and a little snow on the deck !

Just wanted to thank you guys again for an amazing week at sea. Words cannot describe the experience you provided us. This was truly a “No Worries” trip for us. Once we boarded Seahome, everything was done for us. We did not have to worry about transportation, food, drink, entertainment, what to do, what to see, which beach bar to visit. Typically as we are enjoying one experience my thoughts are on how do we get to the next. This trip we did nothing but enjoy each moment knowing that you guys had our next experience already lined up !! We do realize how much work and planning you put in to make this possible. Since we did nothing means you guys did a tremendous amount of work and for that we are truly grateful.

Every detail was perfect. Seahome the boat, the places we stopped, the beach bars we visited, the variety of cocktails, the attitude of you guys always smiling and happy, and even the condition of the sea. AND of course the food. Every meal was over the top !! A gourmet dish at every sit down. We all agreed that those were some of the best dishes we
had ever experienced !! A special thanks for Pam. She typically cannot eat on vacation but, for the first time, you allowed her to actually enjoy dining with the rest of us.

You have now set the bar at a new level for us ! This was the ultimate “Now Worries” experience. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to do it again. When we do we will most definitely be contacting you. Please share with Anna and Brand.

Till We Sail Again

16-23 June, 2018 – An Incredible and Wonderful Experience!

The three of you are second to none! Thank you for a “one of a kind” and unforgettable trip. Food and drinks were fabulous! And special thanks to Brand for all the dive, loved seeing all the fish!

This trip has been amazing! Thank you all for everything, specially the dives and wonderful food and drinks.

A truly wonderful experience! Enjoyed watching you work as a team focused on making us feel special. My best memory was watching my family have such a fabulous time! Thank you!

Scuba Dives: the Indians, Norman Island; The Rhone, Salt Island; Carvel Rock; Vanishing Rock, Cooper Island; The Chimney, Great Dog; Maze, Great Camaroe x 2; Playground, Little Jost.
Sightings: Nurse shark, reef shark, spotted eagle rays, eels, lobsters, juvenile smooth trunk fish, Caribbean Spanish dancer, tiny inking squid & more!!

Captain Brand, nicely done! An amazing time. You all are rock stars!

Incredible trip in a magical place! Brand, Jayde & Weezie worked beautifully together creating truly memorable experiences. From 5-star meals to extraordinary dives & snorkeling, all the time making it look effortless. Thank you for taking such good care of us. You are very sweet and genuine folks, and now new friends!!

I appreciate the hospitality and care that went into our week. Best of luck with future endevours! You make an excellent team!

Thank you for such a fun, memorable adventure! I love your company, your food, the cocktails, the beautiful dives and everything!

The “B” Group

4-11 May, 2018 – The Most Amazing Trip Ever!!

Brand, Jayde & Weezie,

This was the most amazing trip I have ever been on. The three of you made it the most memorable.
Love Courtney

This was the greatest week ever! The locations, the food and the company could not have been better. Keep sailing and publish that book!

This was by far the most amazing trip ever! I cannot thank you enough for being such a fun crew for us. The baths were my favorite part & meeting seedy at One love. But of course, food, drinks and atmosphere could not have been more perfect! Thank you for the memories!
Love Liz

“It feels like a Paloma kind of day!”

Thank you all for the trip of a lifetime, that will probably happen again very soon. We could not have asked for a better captain & crew. Y’all are amazing! I can’t pick a favorite day, I loved all of them. I will be looking forward to that cookbook and of course, another trip aboard the Seahome!
Thanks again, Catherine

This was the most amazing trip. Thanks for everything, especially for the painkillers!

Thank you so very much for the trip of a lifetime! Y’all are truly an amazing crew! You made this experience so memorable due to your incredible hospitality and adventure seeking activities. My favorite part was the shipwreck dive when I sucked all my O2 down in 30 minutes, but that was so worth it. We hope to experience this Seahome adventure again soon.
Thank you so much! Lizzy

The “R” Family

15-22 April, 2018 – A Very Special Voyage

Captain Brand, Chef Jayde & Weezie,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this special trip absolutely amazing. We have always loved the BVIs but seeing the islands through your eyes was such a treat #unemploymentbay. Seahome is perfect & immaculate…our favorite by far! But to us, what has made this trip the best ever is each of you! You have made us feel like we’ve been friends forever!
Captain Brand; Your knowledge of the islands is awesome! You are super patient and one funny dude! Thank you for putting up with our shenanigans.
Chef Jayde; your culinary skills are off the charts! I learned so much from you and only wish we would have thought to take pictures of every delicious & beautiful plate.
Weezie; You are the hostess extraordinaire. You are stealth & brilliantly anticipated everything we could possibly want. We love our new Seahomies & can’t wait to see you next year!
Much Love, Curt & Jamie

Thank you for making our voyage so special. You are an incredible crew! You didn’t miss a detail. We loved each island we visited. Jayde is an amazing chef! You are all so sweet and attentive. I will highly recommend you and Seahome! Until next time..

You guys are AWESOME!! Thank you so much for giving us the BEST 20th year anniversary gift trip. I can’t tell you how much fun I had, and you guys are the best and it was so fun getting to know you, learn about you and experience the most beautiful places with you.
Thanks again and we can’t wait to come back!

The “I” Group

7-14 April, 2018 ~ Perfect BVI Cruise!

Captain Brand, Jayde & Weezy,

Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience! We can’t thank you enough for your kindness, generosity and welcoming us into the Seahome’s family!
Safe Sailing and keep in touch!

It was wonderful going overboard with you on the Seahome! Thank you to our new friends at sea!
Forever Sea Homies!

Thank you for this perfect BVI cruise. We love the “Sea Home”, the beauty of the Virgin Islands and how well you took care of us. It was so wonderful to hear your “Sea Family” stories and to get to know you all. Please keep in touch and see us in Boston.

Thank you for being so amazing with my gluten allergy.

The DV Family

24-31 March, 2018 – Very, very Special!

Dear Brand, Jayde & Louise,

Sunny and wavy, blue skies, blue waters, white sand, “brand new” palm trees and lots of fun!

I had so much fun on this trip! You guys were amazing. My favorite part was snorkeling with turtles and sting rays. I will never forget you guys and this trip!

I had an amazing time on this trip and I have learned so many new things. I am so thankful that I got to meet you and have you teach me new things every day. I will be coming back and when I do I will request you guys. I will miss you and this island. Thank you for an amazing adventure on Seahome.

I loved where all the turtles were and sting rays when we went snorkeling.

BVIs are what they always are, beautiful, but the 3 of you made the trip so very, very special!! Thank you so much!

The M Family

March 12 – 18, 2018 – Absolutely Loved it!

Brand, Jayde & Louise;

Best part of the trip was sailing to Anegada and then spending the day at remote places on the beach. Also spotting three humpback whales.

The best part of the trip was when we went to the cove with the abandoned house & goats. Thank you so much, the food was kool.

Just love the Seahome Crew! Thank you for taking care of my wife and wild boys. They/we absolutely loved it! Every part was my favorite.

The best vacation ever!

My favorite part of the trip was snorkeling with the fish and turtles. The food was really good as well, and it was fun to go to the bar and party!

I loved everything about the trip and could not pick a favorite part. I hope we come back again soon to sail with you all again.

You are an amazing crew. The two of you pulled it off. The snorkeling, turtles, to see this beautiful part of the world. Still wish I had caught a tarpon, but since I didn’t I will have to come back!

This was one of the most amazing trips ever and it’s impossible to pick a favorite. You guys are amazing and I hope we get to see you again soon!

Thank you for an amazing 1st trip to the BVIs. I loved the turtles and the crew!

The D Family

March 3 – 10, 2018 ~ Fantastic!

Captain Brand, Jayde, Louise,
Epic, amazing, words cannot describe it. When can we com back? Trip of a lifetime aboard Seahome this week! Amazing food – Jayde is truly a world class chef! Louise made our favorite desserts and did yoga with us and made amazing drinks. Captain Brand had endless energy and fun for our 5 boys and everyday was a new adventure. We renamed the islands and introduced the crew to beer pong/sake pong. We will never forget you!!

Jayde, thank you for the wonderful meals. Louise thank you for making the trip great. Brand thank you for letting us do a little bit of scuba diving.

My favorite part of the trip was the food, fishing and scuba diving. Thank you to all of the crew!

Captain Brand: Amazing amount of energy and patience with 5 energetic boys. Thank you for the terrific adventures.
Chef Jade: Your food was my entire trip – Seriously – Amazing – Thank you
Ms. Louise: Always smiling, energetic, competitive, helpful, kind, patient… were my go-to girl this whole trip. Thank you!!

February 17-25, 2018 ~ A wonderful Birthday Celebration!

Dear Seahome! What an amazing trip this has been! Thank you so much for being so welcoming. We feel like you all are old friends after only one week. Everyday felt like a new adventure and we appreciate you all showing us some of your favorite spots. Anagada was my personal favorite and Pamato Point was my favorite moment. You made us all feel so special, but especially Kris. Thankful we could all be together on his 40th in such a beautiful place. We all can’t wait to come back! Thank you for a true trip of a lifetime! We love you all!

We can’t begin to tell you all how much fun we had this week! It has truly been the trip of a lifetime. You three made our time here incredible! The food and service were top notch. Thank you all so much and we would love to return someday and do this all over again!

Don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened!
Guys, thank you for such a wonderful trip. It was better than expected. Food, friendship and fellowship is by far three of our favorite things. We can’t wait to return if you’ll have us. Thank you for making us honorary Seahomers! Until next time…..

I can’t thank you guys enough for a trip of a lifetime. You all have made Kris’s birthday celebration one of the most fun and memorable days of our lives. It was great to celebrate with our new friends and now we look forward to the next charter.